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10% of all Odd Animal’s Service Profits Goes Directly to Rebuilding the Reefs of America.

Aquarium Installation

Need help making your dream aquarium a reality? Want to add something special into your home, office or place of business that will make you stand out from the rest? Well than, look no further! Odd Animal has a team full of professionals that are here to help make all your wildest underwater fantasies come true. Not only that, we will make sure things get done right. Taking the time to really work through what the client is looking for, only stocking your new aquarium with the healthy livestock and making sure our customers are educated on how to properly care for their animals. So whether your dreams be salt, fresh or terrestrial let us know and let’s make it happen!

Aquarium Maintenance

Already have an awesome aquarium but need some help keeping it up? Maybe your aquarium is struggling and you can use some guidance. Well we have you covered there too! Our team of professionals will get you on our schedule and we will work through whatever you need help with!


Service Call (Trouble Shooting) $75/hour

Saltwater Delivery (Marine Tanks) $5 Delivery fee + $1.25 Per Gallon

RODI water delivery $5 Delivery fee + $0.75 Per Gallon

Water Change $75/hour + cost of water

Water changes are the best way to keep your aquarium healthy. Let’s talk about a good percentage of water to change regularly in your aquarium and then let us get to work! When we come over for water changes we will also scrub your glass clean, clean your skimmer and overlook all your equipment to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Full System Cleaning $75/hour

Let us get in those nooks and crannies! We will clean all of your pumps using citric acid to bring them back to new as well as scrub your sump getting rid of any lingering detritus and phosphate.

Water Testing $75 house call/FREE in store

We test the following parameters

  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrates
  • Phosphates
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrite

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Aquarium Installation

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