Crypt Keeper Rhodactis 3


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The Crypt Keeper Rhodactis is the newest thing to creep from the depths of Odd Animal catacombs. These eirie shrooms have a deep burgundy texture with a glowing emerald base. The radioactive green glows around the purple complemented by a bright green perimeter. This is another spooky morph from Odd Animal that we are seeing bounce for us! These WYSIWYG mushrooms are approx 1.5″ opened

Rhodactis is a genus of mushroom corals or disc anemones distributed across the Indo-Pacific. What makes Rhodactis stand out amongst the other coralliamorphs of its order is the texture and coloration they develop as they grow. These mushroom shaped corals can grow what look like hundreds of small polyps or tags giving them a very curious and meta appearance. These mushrooms are very hardy and do best in 75-100 par. They can be adjusted to higher light slowly, doing so too quickly will cause these corals to expel zooxanthellae and bleach. These corals do best in low to medium flow. Mushrooms reproduce by splitting and forming into two corals, sometimes they split small sometimes they just keep growing!


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