Dragon Hyde Favia


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Dragon Hyde Favia shows orange eyes surrounded by red and metallic green borders. When grown out this Favia resembles the scales of Firnen, dragon of Alagaesia. 4-6 heads, approx. 2.5-4″

Coral from the Genus Favia are reef building species that have been observed growing across the Indo-Pacific. Favia typically grows out in a domed or flat patterns so plan where to place the coral accordingly. Favia is a very hardy LPS coral that is very forgiving in its care requirements. We find that most Favia and Favites do best under medium light and flow. Our Favia are growing under 80-180par.This coral can be adapted to higher light systems, but do so slowly to avoid overexposure. Favia and Favites can extend sweeper tentacles to sting neighboring corals. Most we have seen have rather short sweepers but occasionally we will come across a morph with big reach. Give at least a few inches between any other corals.


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