Golden Rainbow Hammer Coral


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Euphyllia ancora is a large polyp stony coral with distribution across the Indo Pacific. These are some of the most recognizable corals in the hobby and a favorite of reefers and non-reefers alike. The motion of their tentacles adds anemone activity and dimension without the stress. Hammers do well under a range of lightning, we recommend between 75-150par, these coral can go higher but must be acclimated to the intensity. These corals can be aggressive and sting neighboring corals so give them at least a few inches of space. One last consideration for your Euphyllia is flow. These corals need variable flow and will not respond well to direct, laminar flow. We highly recommend indirect random flow for the best health of your Euphyllia ancora. All of the hammer corals we have for sale are branching varieties, Indonesian and Australian.


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